. Sarawak Report
The Old Bintulu Airport now occupies a prime space in the centre of the town.
Businessmen in Bintulu have been eying the opportunity of acquiring the vast area of the Central District occupied by the old airport.
This is public land, of course, and so its disposal comes under the control of the Chief Minster, because (outrageously) he is also the Planning and Resources Minister and Finance Minister and the man who dominates his home district of Bintulu.
Under an honest administration this valuable land would be auctioned openly and conditions would be attached to benefit the wider community.  Such rules would not deter plenty of businesses that would be happy to make a go of improving the centre of their town.
Sadly, it will come as little surprise to readers of Sarawak Report that we have now received information that the Chief Minster has, instead, secretly handed the entire area to one of his own favourite family companies, Naim Cendera.

Posted by WEB PORTAL PRN SARAWAK KE 10 – 2011


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