Anwar: BN’s Transformation Is a Sham, ‘ubah’ is Better

From Malaysian Insider

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mocked Barisan Nasional (BN) election campaign’s “transformation” message last night, calling it a sham that covers up the ruling coalition’s failures in Sarawak.

“They say transform is better than ubah. But let me ask you this, how can you even transform Sarawak if you cannot even control (Sarawak chief minister Tan Sri Abdul) Taib Mahmud.

“I have seen corruption in the Peninsula but the corruption that goes on in Sarawak under this man is done with impunity. Done without even a shred of guilt or shame,” Anwar told his audience near Kampung Hilir, here.

The BN’s call to “transform” Sarawak is a counter to the PR’s campaign motto for Sarawakians to “ubah” or change their state government.

“Transform” is a phrase inspired from the two transformation programmes, the Economic Transformation Programme and the Government Transformation Programme, introduced by Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration.

Federal-level BN and PR leaders have been boasting of their track records while criss-crossing Sarawak.

The BN has trumpeted the massive infrastructure projects they have earmarked for Sarawak while the PR has pointed to their achievements in the Selangor and Penang governments.

Anwar spent most of his time countering the BN’s claims that the PR governments of Penang and Selangor failed to meet their 2008 general election promises.

“Taib says we offer empty promises. But you can see for yourself what we have achieved in Penang and Selangor.

“Their economies are growing, the people’s welfare is being taken care of and we are running a clean government. This what we can bring for Sarawak if only you all change,” Anwar said.

He also compared the PR’s stand on the freedom to practice religion to that of the BN. Anwar was hoping to capitalise on any fallout created by the BN’s dispute with Christian groups over the usage of the Bahasa Malaysia Bible and the term Allah.

“Allah has been used to refer to God for centuries even before Islam. The proof is there. So there should not be any restrictions on it. Christians should also have the right to practice their faith in whatever language they choose.”


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