BN using army, soldiers to frighten voters’

Added Wed, 04/13/2011 – 13:13
Taib Mahmud’s regime has much to lose and is ‘instilling fear’ in the people, according to Sarawak PKR. KUCHING: The state Barisan Nasional (BN) is allegedly using its military personnel to intimidate voters in the outlying areas in Sarawak. According to Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian, he has been receiving reports of army personnel threatening constituents as “there is so much at stake”. “The state BN government even uses the army to threaten people as there is so much at stake in this coming election. “Just last evening I have received reports from my area, Ba’Kelalan, that the army personnel who are now constructing roads to Ba’kelalan are telling people if they vote for the opposition and the Barisan Nasional lost, they will tear down all the schools,” he said.

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