Ooi Leng Hang’s Photos – Sarawak for Change! Yes,就是要改变!

It is a land full of rich natural resources, steeped in cultural heritage, filled with breathtaking beauty – yet Sarawak languishes in stagnation, lagging behind.
It is a scene as heartbreaking as it is common. Our children no longer can find jobs here. They are forced to leave the land of their ancestors to seek work opportunities across the sea. We watch them leave, helpless and powerless to provide a way out.
Malaysia has come a long way in development and nation-building. Today, we stand at the crossroads of history, at the threshold of destiny. Even as the wave of democracy sweeps across the nations of the earth, our government is still too hesitant and afraid to take the first step towards political reforms. As a result, our development is left behind, overtaken by our neighbouring countries.
Change is imminent.
The last Sarawak State Election five years ago was groundbreaking, setting the stage for the March 8, 2008 political tsunami that changed the face of Peninsular Malaysian politics. The people of Sarawak are the pioneers of Malaysian democracy. This coming election, we need an even greater political tsunami to move the nation – starting with Sarawak – to write a new page in Malaysian history.
Only then can the nation’s rich resources be distributed fairly, and all races be treated with equal respect. As of now, there are only seven opposition seats in the 71-seat Sarawak State Assembly.
In this State Election, we must not only retain those seven seats. We need all Sarawakians to say ‘yes’ to change! Vote in more DAP and PR candidates. You can break the monopoly, your vote can free the Sarawak State Assembly!
Say ‘YES’ to change
We want a clean and fair government!
Say ‘YES’ to change
We want a brave legislators who speak up for the people!
Say ‘YES’ to change
We want our vote to make a difference and bring change to this land!

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